Seniors clinic
Doctor: Hi, how’s it going? So who are you living with now, your daughter?
Lady: No, with my boyfriend.
Doctor: Your boyfriend?!
Lady: Si! Pues crees que porque estoy vieja no tengo novio? Nooooo fíjate!
Doctor: (Trying not to laugh) Ok Okay… We ALL need love in our lives. Good for you! I made you an appt for your glasses.
Lady: Is it on the west side? Porque yo todo lo hago es en el Westside! Aquí está mi raza pues.
Doctor: No prob, I’ll make your appt ONLY in the west side BUT you have to promise to make me some of that delicious chile you make.
Lady: Claro que si! Pero no te vas acabar porque mi Chile está cabron pero bueno tú te lo buscaste mijo.
I’m dying! 😂😂😂😂 She’s so cute & hilarious. One can only hope to be 50% of her energetic self at 80yrs old!