oh Chimi

Trying to snap a pic of Chimi my cat, she managed to move just ever so slightly. This is the best I was able to get out of her, she decided playing and twirling was more important than having a good pic.

It’s funny how pets become such an important part of the family. When my kids were toddlers, she would bring them presents (all sort of of insects), specially butterflies. Then she would stay with them and switch beds every so often as they took their naps. Now five years later, Chimi keeps an eye on them and at night when they are asleep she goes, checks them and goes to bed. I guess my kids are sleep kickers so she took over a corner of my bed.

Her amazing care for our children goes to the extent of scolding the dogs if they are being too loud and the kids are sleeping, or waking us up to let us know our youngest son is going through an asthma attack. You can only reach that sort of understanding if you treat and care for your pets with love.

I just wish she’d lay still while belly side up, to get a good look at her fluffy belly.

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