Catch me you will, chase me you might

As the night engulfs the heavens and the last hint of a light magenta turquoise sunlight fades away to reveal the never-ending pattern of blinking strobes of starlight as they dance and hide with the traslucent grayish blanket of clouds that sail with the wind.

As the the cool breeze sets in and the creatures of nocturne begin their gentle serenade in calm harmony that only nature can provide, sets the scene for peaceful perfection, as the mellow sweet scent of blooming flowers excites the senses of a lover’s mind.

Ever so slow, creeping silently, up in the heavens the queen of the skies in a show of power breaks through the cloud blanket as the blinding rays bathe gaia and shows the lover’s path.

The hoot of the owl; the howl of the wolf; a pace a foot for the lovers resolve. Find I will, see I might. Fight the shadowy woods I must.

Clearing the maze of the mystique forrest, that is the cause of tales from a time a past. Panting in agony of a quick dash to site. Ever hoping cronos will not slide by. Wishing for a sign amongst the blind.

A gentle Lila awaits, nervously alert to the sight of movement from the vast network of trails of janus. The moon stays on course, the Lila wishing the sands of Kala are not all gone. See me you will, hold me you must.

Lover smells Lila; faster, harder the feet tempo a march. The Lila sees lover but swallows the cry. Sense me you will, feel me you must.

Together at last, with the last breath, as the candle will extinguish. The spark of the living crawls away, with the last breath leaving the earthly bodies soon to vanish in the dunes of time. Together we are, love you for life.

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